Duke – Pictures

Courtesy Glen Stoker except when mentioned otherwise

David Blandy:

Olga Boldyreff:

Sara Bomans:

Nicola Canavan:

Ryan Curtis:

Alexandra Dementieva (photos Edith Doove):

Anna Francis:

Sally Hall:

Hrafnhildur Halldorsdottir:

Jason Hirons (photos by Lorna Farmer 1-5; by Simon Gomery 6-8):

Peter Hulsmans:

Nathalie Hunter (on the floor)/Michèle Noach (on the wall):

Michèle Noach:

Hannah Pollard:

Stefaan Quix:

Sylvia Rimat:

Remco Roes:

Alan Smith – Parameter 3 (after the performance):

More to follow soon.


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